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Decentralized Stable Coins

Explore MakerDAO's impact on DeFi and stablecoins, ensuring DAI's stability and robust governance.

Suprabit • 1 day ago

Building Cross-chain DApps with Hyperlane

The Hyperlane protocol allows us to develop cross-chain DApps using their permissionless interoperability layer. Read more to see how it works across various blockchain environments.

Andrijan Ostrun • 3 weeks ago
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Different Incentive Programs for Enhancing Web3 Project Engagement

Discover how to engage and retain your community in the Web3 space with effective incentive programs

Paula Vulić • 1 month ago
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AI & Blockchain in 2024: Embracing the Future

Discover the Future of AI and Blockchain in 2024! Our team shares insights on Blockchain's role in creating decentralized systems and AI's untapped potential in transforming businesses and daily life. We also explore the exciting synergy between AI and Blockchain and how this powerful duo can enhance digital security and efficiency.

Paula Vulić • 3 months ago

Lavsa - a new kid on the Block

Back in 2018., the blockchain hype started to gain traction outside of the crypto scene and a number of enthusiasts proposed using blockchain for different business use cases. We had a vision to provide every party with relevant and tamper-proof data delivered by smart building sensors and devices. That data has to be so good that somebody wants to pay for it. Once you bought it, you want to have it ready at your disposal for further processing. And you want to be sure of its integrity.

Vedran Brničević • 1 year ago
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My Blockchain Internship at Suprabit!

This summer, I decided to spend my summer-break gaining as much knowledge on blockchain as possible. After a couple of hours of research, a few interviews and one solved solidity smart contract task, I landed my internship at Suprabit.

Fran Vlahović • 1 year ago

Data anchoring and verification using zero-knowledge proof

Find out what data anchoring is and why is it beneficial. This article will teach you basic principles and simple usage so you can start thinking of ways to apply data anchoring in your business.

Andrej Ceraj • 2 years ago

Making of Suprabit NFT Giant

Andrijan Ostrun • 2 years ago

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Explained

We want you to enter the world of non fungible tokens! A new type of blockchain based asset is taking some of the well established markets by storm. Find out why and what is our stake in it.
Suprabit • 2 years ago