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Who we are

Suprabit is an IT consulting and development company with the goal to help clients leverage breakthrough technology advancements and transform their digital products. By doing that, clients will be enabled to pursue new business opportunities and stay competitive on the market.

The next generation of business applications combine IoT, blockchain, mobile, cloud and machine learning tech offering awesome user experience combined with performance, security and audit features for the enterprises of tomorrow. Building on the 27 years of experience in consulting clients and developing business critical software solutions, Suprabit offers consultants, developers, IT and QA professionals that assist clients in design, development, test and support of software applications.

What we do

Our clients want to learn about the benefits of the blockchain and cloud platforms and how to leverage them for their own business scenarios. We listen to their ideas and needs and provide workshops and consulting services tailored to their specific interests. Once they decide to implement a particular business case, we provide development and testing teams who have the skills and experience to build an end-to-end solution taking security and scaleability challenges along with data privacy (GDPR) into account.

Extensive research in the area of IoT and blockchain platforms enables us to cover a variety of industrial business cases including smart building, fintech, mobility and supply chain management solutions.

Software Development and QA

Putting together the right team for the right purpose is one of the biggest challenges in the software development today. We can provide teams for both

Custom Development Nearshoring

In both modes we are capable of

  • Assisting clients in the design phase to come up with the right solution architecture
  • Implementing Proof-of-Concept projects
  • Design products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with, using best UI/UX practices
  • Implementing, testing and deploying enterprise grade software on various platforms

In order to provide these services we master the following technologies:

Platforms / Frameworks / Libraries

React, Node.js, ESP32, FreeRTOS, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Azure, AWS, Android, iOS, React Native, Java, .NET, ASP.NET, Angular

Programming Languages

JavaScript, Solidity, C/C++, Java, C#, Python, Objective C

Test Frameworks

Selenium, NUnit, HP Load Runner, Microsoft Test Manager


SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB

Design & Prototyping Tools

Adobe CC, Sketch, Balsamiq

Blockchain Essentials Workshop

Blockchain Essential Workshop will enable you to seamlessly dive into the blockchain/DLT related concepts and will help you to leverage the technology for your own business scenarios. One day of intense training and discussions focused on blockchain will make you thing of new ways of automating or disrupting existing business processes.
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Consulting on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

Blockchain workshops and consulting services aim at providing clients with knowledge to understand blockchain/DLT related concepts and technologies and help them leverage technology for their own business scenarios.

We can advise you how to

  • Identify blockchain relevant business scenarios
  • Define blockchain business strategy
  • Set up the team responsible to implement the strategy
  • Raise funds using Security Token Offerings (STO)


It takes a great team to build a great product. We want to thank all our clients and partners for inviting us to be a part of the team.

Contact us if you want the complete list of all references and the work done.


The best part of our business, besides developing apps, is meeting people, exchanging ideas and showcasing our services. Here is the list of events where you can find us delivering presentation, exhibiting or just participating.



Suprabit is privately owned and run by Vedran Brničević, a seasoned IT entrepreneur with a long-standing experience and proven track of record in helping international businesses from various industries to implement business critical software solutions.

M.Sc.Math. Vedran Brničević

Founder & CEO

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