First thing first: the team and the brainy stuff

Before starting the internship, I wasn’t really feeling nervous as I felt I had a good understanding of the basics of both Solidity and blockchain. Also, my colleague shared some insider information with me regarding the atmosphere, so I wasn’t surprised by the openness of the team and their willingness to help me and the other interns. Firstly, we slowly studied the stack and the task itself. Then we got familiar and learned to work with the new blockchain technology that enables easier management of smart contracts. We were excited to start developing our own solutions!

Since blockchain is still a quite new technology, you can learn something new about it every day, as long as you know what to search for. Us interns were involved in the whole development cycle starting from the very beginning. First, we went back and forth researching the technologies and deciding which ones would be the best for this project and the internship, before deciding on Scaffold-ETH.

You’ve heard it several times already: tHErE aRe No STuPid qUEsTioNs!


Well, I’m going to say it again, there really are no stupid questions in Suprabit. Around here, everybody is eager to help each other, be it solving a bug or replacing the coffee pod. Don’t waste your time asking yourself “What will they think of me asking many questions or the same question many times?” because nobody will turn their back or roll their eyes at you. They all know the common goal is gaining understanding and moving forward.

The atmosphere is chill and most enjoyable. Once you've had enough of the keyboard tapping, you can make your way to our local table tennis station situated inside the office. Ask away, someone will surely join you! (Beware of the boss, you have to let him win, otherwise...).

Future opportunities

The internship program was well planned and adapted to students with or without previous knowledge of blockchain technology. The people were great, and I enjoyed the entire experience. I'm grateful for the things that I’ve learned during the internship and I'm happy that I was able to stay at Suprabit as an employee after the internship had finished. I know that Suprabit will continue to support my growth and make me a better blockchain developer (and a better table tennis player)!


Written by
Fran Vlahović

Junior Blockchain Developer

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