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Smart Sensor - Case Study

Read all about how we reinvented the Smart Building Industry using our IOT, design and development expertise.

Paula Vulić • 8 months ago

Effortless OTA Updates for BLE Mesh Devices via Mobile App

The Smart Sensor viaSens, developed in collaboration with SAUTER, introduces a leap in IoT technology by incorporating BLE Mesh and iBeacon for seamless OTA updates via a mobile app, enhancing smart building automation with advanced sensing of environmental parameters.

Nika Raić • 5 months ago
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Embedded Developer's Guide To Transitioning To Mobile Development

Picture this: I'm an embedded developer who's used to working on exciting projects involving smart building management. But after some time, I decided to shake things up and venture into the world of mobile development.

Lea Finderle • 1 year ago

Using Expo with React Native

See how Expo helps you in your development and takes care of native things for you.

Paula Vulić • 2 years ago

My internship at Suprabit!

Interning at Suprabit has been one of the most challenging summers of my life, but it's been well worth it! Besides teaching me skills and giving me an insight into the functioning of a software company, it has forced me to learn and grow like never before.

Paula Vulić • 2 years ago

Building our own website

Designing a new look for our website. Selecting technologies and principles to build our website on, implementing them and finally deploying the website to cloud.
Suprabit • 2 years ago