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A Journey Through Designing a Smart Sensor Provisioning process: Bluetooth mesh

Step into the journey of developing a smart sensor provisioning app, as we shed light on the intricate design process, the critical role of user-centric design, and how collaboration led to an app that exceeded client expectations. A compelling case study for tech enthusiasts, app designers, and IoT professionals alike.

Karlo Sintić • 2 months ago
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Embedded Developer's Guide To Transitioning To Mobile Development

Picture this: I'm an embedded developer who's used to working on exciting projects involving smart building management. But after some time, I decided to shake things up and venture into the world of mobile development.

Lea Finderle • 6 months ago
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Optimizing power consumption and memory usage of wireless embedded devices

In this blog post, we'll explore various ways of optimizing power consumption and memory usage of wireless embedded devices with examples from one of our recent projects.

Kristian Petanjek • 7 months ago

Lavsa - a new kid on the Block

Back in 2018., the blockchain hype started to gain traction outside of the crypto scene and a number of enthusiasts proposed using blockchain for different business use cases. We had a vision to provide every party with relevant and tamper-proof data delivered by smart building sensors and devices. That data has to be so good that somebody wants to pay for it. Once you bought it, you want to have it ready at your disposal for further processing. And you want to be sure of its integrity.

Vedran Brničević • 10 months ago